Nichola Gwon


Either Way’ is a new webtoon I have started that covers topics such as endometriosis, infertility and IVF. A webtoon is a scrolling online comic, the word originally from South Korea, and can be easily read on phones.

While I have previously made the Nicholalala webtoon and still make comics for ‘My Korean Husband’, this is a webtoon I have been thinking about making for a while. It’s the first time I’ve been this personal in my comics. These types of issues still carry a lot of stigma and there isn’t always open conversation about them. I wanted to create a series that was interesting, funny and heartbreaking that can tear down some of that stigma and open up a larger conversation.

This series is my real experiences with endometriosis, infertility and IVF. I also frame them in the context of my marriage and life in South Korea. I’m not an expert on these issues but I just want to tell my story so it gives other women a chance to tell theirs as well.